Brian Beneke
[email protected]

After graduating with a degree in chemistry from Boston College, Mr. Beneke went on to earn his law degree from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, Texas. Deciding to pursue a career in business, Mr. Beneke proceeded to work for B/K Funds, a multifamily real estate investment group, and later Implicit Solutions, a private equity firm located in Dallas. During his tenure at Implicit Solutions, he worked in investment and operational capacities at a variety of software and technology companies as well as at an offshore oil and gas exploration company.


Michael Hernandez
[email protected]

Michael Hernandez is a leading enterprise software executive with extensive experience in technical architecture. Prior to arriving at ADAM, Mr. Hernandez worked with a variety of start-ups leading a variety of efforts, including series funding, stack optimization, as well as data reorganization and optimization. Additionally, he has lead teams focused on worldwide enterprise solutions, including solutions for Verizon, IBM, State of New York, Autodesk, NFL, Atari, and many others. He holds his J.D. degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and his Bachelor of Management in Information Systems from the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Antonio Roca
[email protected]

Mr. Roca joins ADAM Human Capital Management with more than 23 years of accounting, finance, and supply chain experience and 18 years of ERP industry knowledge. Having directed more than 200 successful implementations in 22 countries, he has a proven ability to deploy complex systems and manage international projects. During the past 15 years, Mr. Roca has built an entrepreneurial reputation for starting and developing successful consulting practices, new business strategies, and original business models. Antonio holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from U.C.A.B., as well as a Master of Business Administration from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.

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